Our Philosophy
As an environmentally conscious brand, we believe that sustainability must not only reflect in the design and projects that we do but also in the selection of suppliers that work with and share the same values as us.

We carefully select our panels which are supplied from Europe and ensure they are certified. Regulated Components are monitored and tested within the allowable ratios.

‘Factory Wastes’ and off-cuts are recycled into useful components while smaller debris are carted away and turned into fuel for burners.

We adhere to the highest degree of all Local and International Laws which promote and regulate human rights and workers welfare in the workplace. The Personal protection equipment (PPE) we provide our workers are approved and workers health conditions are monitored frequently.
With over 30 years experience, IO Furniture LTD is Nigeria’s leading furniture manufacturer offering interior design solutions and services, space planning and a wide range of furniture selections. Our team is made up of well disciplined, talented and trained professionals who deliver the best to our clients. Coupled with a well-connected network of suppliers and world renewed manufacturers around the globe, we offer our clients the full services of a one stop shop, from conception to execution. We have amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience that we apply to all projects and it’s no wonder we are consistent winners at the Interior Design Excellence Awards. We have mastered cutting edge manufacturing processes that guarantee our products are moisture resistant, anti scratch and eco-friendly. We are a “Proudly Nigerian” organization and we work tirelessly to ensure that we play our role to promote the economic growth of our country and West Africa. Our portfolio features a diverse range of projects ,from hotels, restaurants, offices, residential apartments and real estate developments. At IO Furniture, we push conventional boundaries turning a space into an experience merging our commitment, passion, and hunger for excellence. We believe in providing value and longevity to clients, keeping a timeless watch on all applications of our processes while keeping an eye out for what’s meaningful in our fast changing times.