Tek Experts

Tek Experts is a leading, global provider of business and IT support services, and a developer of technologies aimed at enhancing their customers’ experiences and enabling teams to work efficiently.

The brief received from the client was to convert an empty office into a space suitable for an IT consulting firm. Our job was to create an environment that balances work, play and lifestyle. A space that will encourage TEK Experts staff to work without feeling constrained or eager to leave the office.

We used contemporary materials, infused and played with different shapes like triangles, rectangles, curves and cylindrical shapes to create break-out zones, sit-out areas and work bars. This enabled staff to go on coffee breaks and continue working on tabs at the coffee bars if they wanted to. We created different seating booths where meetings could hold, also using different colours of fabrics – light green, yellow, blue and white as well as two tones of melamine wood and chrome to brighten up the space.

Victoria Island, Lagos


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